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The modern woman – refined, always elegant, effortlessly looking cool. She is most likely wearing the new collection by Alexandra Popescu-York, made for all the places where a powerful modern woman will go. Alexandra‘s style is unique and artistic, is fashion forward but not fast fashion. She brings together uncommon materials to create monumental art collections that illustrate her prolific imagination. Alexandra Popescu-York, the Romanian-born designer, established in New York for more than a decade and a half, is the only designer in the world who has presented artworks of different categories at the same show, at the same time: a collection of fashion couture and a painting exhibition. She has been painting since the age of three and has studied fashion design and plastic arts at the University of Arts in Bucharest. She also studied at FIT, taking specific classes to perfect her technique.  She has worked with many fashion houses in Europe and New York. Trying to make a difference in the Fashion scene, she established her own couture line and luxury dresses. Focusing for 5 years on the creative process and trying to distance herself from anything that it could be a reminder of consumption and fast fashion, now she is trying to find the balance between creation and function. 

Her fashion motto? ”I am not creating dresses, but concepts. Not seasonal clothes, but trends, movements, emotions.” ”In anything I do, I try to achieve greatness.” The new collection reflects this. Her collections are made for the resolute New Yorker, the woman who has places to go and things to do and needs a versatile wardrobe. The collection is a celebration of women sensuality combining elegant, classy, sultry, with a glam rock feeling.

She is led by the thought that the most important thing for a designer is that the finished product is original, believing that “authenticity is increasingly rare in the world of fashion”. Many times she will paint directly onto the materials or embroideries or she will completely alter the textures through overlapping. “It is said that you cannot reinvent the wheel, but I am stubborn to prove that you can nonetheless be original in fashion,” says the creator.

Every presentation comes with a new concept inspired by her own experiences. Generally she has two couture presentations per year and, though she follows the trends, she focuses mainly on her own experiences – not copying trends but always trying to introduce elements of art. With a record of 15 shows at New York Fashion Week, Alexandra Popescu York’s creations are unusual, one-of-a kind or limited edition luxury clothes which appeal to modern women.

She’s used to building patterns directly on the model rather than on the pattern table, as other designers often do. Over time she has created dresses without side-seams and with hundreds of stitches, admitting that she rarely uses the classical patterns unless they are needed. „A designer’s individuality consists in using the fabrics and pattern that nobody else uses” says Alexandra Popescu York.

Settled in the US for over fifteen years, she’s built an impressive record of national and international fashion shows and exhibitions.

Beside her many fashion awards and recognitions, her paintings have also been included in the Art Exhibition at the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations.

All products are designed and made in New York in her atelier and some special pieces are cut and sew in Europe. Her brand was published in VOGUE magazine and many other publications.

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