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Introducing the "Sapphire Glow" Limited Edition dress by Alexandra Popescu-York – an exquisite blend of timeless elegance and 1920s-inspired glamour.

This showstopper for the stylish fashionista features an eye-catching ombre pattern, chic draped sleeves, and a flattering V-neckline, embodying the spirit of the roaring twenties. Perfect for special events, it invites you to immerse yourself in the magic of radiant blue iridescence.

Step into confidence and style with this unique 1920s-inspired dress, meticulously designed to make every moment yours, capturing the essence of a bygone era with a modern twist.


Each "Sapphire Glow" is a meticulously handcrafted Limited Edition piece, ensuring exclusivity.


Available in size S, the dress is a celebration of craftsmanship and sophistication.

For easy care, choose gentle handwashing or professional dry cleaning.

Sapphire Glow

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